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Whatsapp FRM Part 2 Group (Inactive)

We have a group for FRM part 2 Nov 18 exam preparation ...

However the group members are restricted from asking or sharing any proprietary,licensed and paid resources of any preparation provider,whether available freely online or not...The group members are also expected to remain active and contribute towards helping others in their exam preparation ...

Moreover they will be required to provide a brief introduction of themselves (Will receive message from +xx -xx4x9xx1xx) to identify undesired behaviour and commonalities ..

People who are agreeable to same and can immediately start contributing to the group by providing solutions,participating in group initiatives and some poll questions(Remaining passive is not acceptable at this stage) can be added for period upto Oct 31,2018.They should reply to this message denoting their acceptance for the same.The membership is subject to review after joining the group.

People who do not believe in collaborative efforts, future candidates and curious ones should not wish to join ..(last ones can check different posts ,although few,on various forums posted by me)
I accept, please add me: +31612882058